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Inspection  & Containment


Falcon provides Inspection and Containment Services On-Site when and where you need it. 


In the days of International Supply, choosing a partner you can depend on around the world is crucial.  Falcon supports hundreds of International and Domestic manufacturing companies perform Inspection and Containment projects with trained professional staff. With technical knowledge of manufacturing process and tools for gauging and testing, Falcon can be deployed to any location on your behalf to Contain, Inspect, and Report any quality concerns for you or your Customer. 

Product quality


Ensuring you are delivering a quality product, is our goal. 


The quality of your product is the most important aspect of delivering a quality service to your customer. Sometimes, long lead-times and International shipping make for significant quantities of product in your supply chain pipeline.  Falcon is positioned to help support ongoing product quality and verification projects to ensure your customer is receiving a quality product every time, while helping to coordinate suspect or non-conforming material. 

24 x 7 support


Visibility is key to making the right decision. 



Falcon provides a reporting tool online to monitor the progress of your project, keep key personnel informed, understand types and quantities of defects and a historical tracking of performance.  With 24 hours access to this information, making the right decisions and keeping customers informed will be a powerful tool to maintaining and managing your projects. 

Phoenix  Quality  Management (PQM)

is a leader, with 20 + years of experience, providing Inspection, Containment, Screening, Machining , Prototyping , Parts Washing, Quality System Audits and Fixture Fabrication.


Our experienced staff provides our services as contractors and consultants, as we assist our customers, in quality recovery task such as containment, inspection, sorting, salvage and rework. PQM prides itself on being able to help our customers reduce their cost of doing business, by coming up with fast and effective measures for screening and reworking defective products. We recognize the need for accurate, reliable and urgent quality services, and are available 24 hours a day X 7 Days a week.

We Are Dedicated To Providing World-Class Service to our Partners

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